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Heavy Metal Girya is the first and only kettlebell specific training facility in Birmingham, AL. Our primary focus is 'hardstyle' kettlebell training using StrongFirst techniques and principles.

 If there is one tool that does it all, the kettlebell wins hands down. Kettlebell training can be for anyone, no matter one's age, size, or experience in the iron game. Kettlebell training delivers all around fitness. We train and practice a core set of lifts and techniques and drill them to perfection. We train movements, not body parts, each workout engaging your entire body. You will be challenged physically and mentally, and have fun doing it. If you are ready to begin your journey of strength or take your training to the next level, stop by and give it a swing.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training


  • Increase strength

  • Build lean muscle

  • Burn stubborn body fat

  • Develop superior cardiovascular conditioning

  • Improve mobility and flexibility

Check out these heavy kettlebell swings!